2022 Workshop Programme

Monday 5th September

Institute of Physics
37 Caledonian Road
London N1 9BU

9amRefreshments and pastries
9:40amWelcomeSteven Clowes
10amSilicon spin qubits with implanted single donor ionsDanielle HolmesUNSW, Australia
10:30amSingle Nitrogen-Vacancy Centres in Diamond for Quantum Computing and Quantum SensingGavin MorleyUniversity of Warwick, UK
11:30amRare earth hosted M-type hexaferrites for quantum information scienceDurga PaudyalAmes Lab, USA
12noonTowards quantum electronics in silicon carbideAlessandro RossiStrathclyde University, UK
1:30pmTBC*Jan MiejerLeipzig, Germany
Mechanical and optical quantum buses for implanted defects in siliconJuha MuhonenUniversity of Jyväskylä, Finland
Production of Isotopically Pure Si Layers for Quantum Computers using Implanted Layer ExchangeJonathon EnglandUniversity of Surrey, UK
3:30pmTunable control over individual dopants and their local environment in semiconductorsJay GuptaOhio State, USA
Ab initio treatments of local environments for rare-earth ions in solid-state hostsMichael FlattéUniversity of Iowa, USA
4:30pmDiscussion Session (Roadmap 1: Community Pull)

Tuesday 6th September

Institute of Physics
37 Caledonian Road
London N1 9BU

9amRefreshments and pastries
9:30amFrom Poisson to directed qubit implants in ion-beam enriched silicon*David JamiesonUniversity of Melbourne, Australia
10amIon Beam Implantation Activities at the University of Torino – Status and PerspectivesPaolo OliveroUniversity of Torino, Italy
10:30amDeterministic Single Ion Implantation in the UK National Ion Beam CentreDavid CoxUniversity of Surrey, UK
11:30amIons from LMAIS for FIB on a stable lithography platform for ion implantation processes*Thorsten RichterRaith, Germany
12noonLiquid metal alloy ion sources for quantum applicationsNico KlingerHZDR, Germany
12:20pmApplications of focused ion beams for semiconductor and quantum technologyGregor HlawacekHZDR, Germany
1:30pmDiscussion (Roadmap 2: Capability Push)
2:30pmTowards quantum repeaters made from individual Erbium ions*Jeff ThompsonPrinceton University, USA
3pmScalable rare-earth qubits and spin-photon interfaces in heteroepitaxial oxide and silicon thin films*Tian ZhongUniversity of Chicago, USA
4pmQuantum technology with point defects in silicon carbide*Christian BonatoHeriot-Watt, UK
4:30pmDiscussion (Collaborations, Expanding Network, Doctoral Centres)

Wednesday 7th September

Networking Excursion and Dinner

This event will start at 10:00am and will include a boat ride to Greenwich and a tour of The Royal Observatory. Full details as below:

10:20 am: Ferry from Westminster Pier to Greenwich Pier

12:00 pm: Tour of The Royal Observatory

7 pm: Dinner in central London

Thursday 8th September

University of Surrey
Department of Physics
Guildford GU2 7JW

Venue: Room 30BB03 (Room No. 30 on the 3rd floor of BB Building. The campus map can be found here.)

9amRefreshments and pastries and coffee
9:30amWhat can we learn from X‐ray characterization in the field of quantum technology?Michael StuckelbergerDeutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY, Germany
10amFabrication, effects and operation of micro/nanoelectronic devices and nanomaterials upon irradiationGemma RiusInstitute of Microelectronics of Barcelona, Spain
10:20amState-of-the-art measurement capability for the characterisation of materials for quantum technologies at the National Physical LaboratoryChristina GiuscaNational Physical Laboratories, UK
10:40amOptical studies of implanted bismuth impurities in silicon towards single/few impurity devices.Steven ClowesUniversity of Surrey, UK
11:30amCharacterising dopants in semiconductors using STM and ARPESSteven SchofieldUniversity College London, UK
11:50amNon-destructive imaging of atomically thin dopant device structures in siliconTaylor StockUniversity College London, UK
12:10amLunch and Surrey Ion Beam Centre/ SIMPLE Tours
1:30pmDiscussion (Roadmap 3: Assessment, Quality Control, Annealing)
2:30pmSingle rare-earth ions and nuclear spin wave registers for quantum networking*Andrei FaraonCaltech, USA
3pmNanofabrication of quantum-grade colour centres in silicon carbide*Florian KaiserUniversity of Stuttgart
3:30pmImpurities implantation controlled by using singly and multiply charged focused ion beams*Stephane GuillousCEA/CIMAP, France
4:30pmDiscussion (Roadmap 4: Wrap up, Interim Roadmap)
6pm Close

* remote presentation.