Fabrication, effects and operation of micro/nanoelectronic devices and nanomaterials upon irradiation  

Gemma Rius, Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona, IMB-CNM-CSIC

In this talk, I will introduce some of my previous and more recent technology developments related to mid-high energy irradiation, including (focused) electron and ion beams or plasma, particle and photon radiation. These R&D works target applications such as semiconductor (nano)device fabrication or carbon nanomaterial synthesis and integration, as well as processing and operation compatibility issues. Examples include silicon NEMS manufacturing methods and CMOS integration, carbon nanotube FET and nanofiber AFM-probe fabrication and effects, and radiation detectors response and hardness, e.g. of devices made out of silicon carbide or including graphene, while lately converging to exploiting these and other advanced methods and materials in quantum computing and sensing applications.