Ions from LMAIS for FIB on a lithography platform for ion implantation processes

T. Richter, P. Mazarov
Raith GmbH, Konrad-Adenauer-Allee 8, 44263 Dortmund, Germany

Focused Ion Beams (FIB) are broadly usedinapplications related to nanoscale science,and they are inherentlyappliedfor direct nano-patterning, fabrication of smallest features and sample functionalizationat high fidelity.Various ionspeciesare emitted simultaneously from Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Source (LMAIS)separated subsequently in an ExB filter.Thisemerging FIB source technology provides a versatile solution to deliver differentionspeciesfrom a single source for manifoldapplicationssuch as FIB implantation or sample modification for subsequentprocesses[1].In this contribution we introducea FIB-SEM tool involving LMAIS FIB technology ona lithographyplatform enabling multiple ion implantation processpathways.We will discuss advantages of GaBiLiand AuGeSi as universal ion sources providing light and heavy ions from a single Liquid Metal Alloy Ion Source (LMAIS). Related applicationsand workflows will be presented[2]. Furthermore, we give an overview about recent investigations of permalloy filmpatterning using Dysprosiumions from LMAISfor local damping of magnetization[3].

[1] L. Bischoff, P. Mazarov, L. Bruchhaus, and J. Gierak, Liquid metal alloy ion sources -An alternative for focusedion beam technology, Appl. Phys. Rev. 3, 021101 (2016).

[2] W.Gao et al, Scalable Fabrication of Single Silicon Vacancy Defect Arrays in Silicon Carbide Using Focused Ion Beam, ACS Photonics 4, 5, 1054–1059 (2017)

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