We are a newly formed international network to facilitate a unique collaboration between the groups that are developing the enabling fabrication processes using implanted single impurities (ISI) and the many diverse research groups and organizations that are working at the leading edge of quantum science and technology. ┬áRAISIN aims to be forward-looking and will therefore have an equally strong emphasis on the quantum science and technology that it will enable (the QT “pull”) as on the ISI development (the ISI “push”).

The objectives of the network are:

(1) To advance applied quantum technologies through an urgently needed roadmap for single ion implantation, to accelerate research and development around defect complexes in diamond, rare-earth doped crystals, and solid-state quantum technologies.

(2) To foster a community of ISI users, to layout quantitatively their priorities to the international ISI fabrication community, such as the UKNIBC. Through the network, international ISI facilities will work together with quantum technology applications specialists to develop this roadmap so that innovation is strategic, and applications are steered towards what can be manufactured and commercialized.

(3) Support collaborative exchanges to establish new collaborations between the tool developers and the quantum technology applications community.

(4) Provide short-term research mission exchange scheme for early career researchers allowing them to spend time at a host institution to learn new techniques, methods, and insights that are not available in their home institution. Thus, providing the next generation of researchers with the skills and connections that will be important for the future delivery of the roadmap, as well as fostering new collaborations.

(5) Publication of the roadmap for ISI-enabled quantum technologies that is urgently needed to accelerate these strategic developments.