To foster new ideas and encourage collaboration the network is offering free access to the UK national Ion Beam Centre at Surrey for short pump-priming projects within the scope of the network. The tools available include the two Ionoptika single ion implant tools (SIMPLE) along with the broad beam systems offering Ion implantation with energies up to 2MeV. For the broad beam systems, most of the periodic table is accessible while the range of species is currently more limited but expanding all the time with SIMPLE. We are always happy to discuss your ideas. Projects will be funded for beam time access of 16 to 40 hrs per project. Applications will be judged on the quality of the science proposed by the steering group of the network. For the two SIMPLE systems, some lead time will be required for the scheduling and setup of specific ion species. 

For initial enquires on access and to discuss your project idea please email d.cox@surrey.ac.uk

Visit the UKNIBC website for move information.

If your application is successful you are welcome to attend for the beam time but we cannot fund travel or subsistence. Providing funding allows, follow up applications will be welcome