Welcome to the RAISIN website. We are an international network to facilitate a unique collaboration between the groups that are developing the enabling fabrication processes using implanted single impurities (ISI) and the many diverse research groups and organizations that are working at the leading edge of quantum science and technology.  RAISIN aims to be forward-looking and will therefore have an equally strong emphasis on the quantum science and technology that it will enable (the QT “pull”) as on the ISI development (the ISI “push”).

The RAISIN Network provides funding for visitor exchange to promote the building of new collaborations and sharing expertise and knowledge. Full details of these opportunities can be found here. The network also provide pump-priming funding to access the single ion beam capabilities within the UK National Ion beam Centre.


The 2024 meeting will take place as part of the ICANS30 conference in Manchester, UK.

This meeting will take place 4th-8th August 2024. For full details of this meeting visit the ICANS30 website.

RAISIN 2023 Summer School and Conference

In September 2023 we held a week long RAISIN summer school and conference at the University of Surrey. The full detail and programmes for both events are available here.

RAISIN 2022 International Workshop

The first RAISIN international workshop took place in the at the Institute of Physics and the University of Surrey between the 5th and 8th of September 2022. The programme of the workshop is available.