Summer School Programme

Day 1 – 4th September

12:00noonRegistration and Lunch
1:00pmLecture 1: Overview of Techniques for Single Atom ImplantationEd Bielejec
2:00pmLecture 2: Applications of ion beams to quantum computingBen Murdin
3:30pmLecture 3: Fundamentals of ion-solid interactionsRoger Webb
4:30pmPractical 1: Modelling with SRIM
5:30pmPoster Session with Drinks and Pizza

Day 2 – 5th September

8:45amRefreshments and Pastries
9:15amLecture 4: Carbon’s big siblings as quantum interfaces in diamondDorian Gangloff
10:15amLecture 5: How to build an atomic-scale electronic device using a scanning tunnelling microscope.Taylor Stock
11:15am Break
11:45pmLecture 6: Silicon carbide colour centres as network-relevant qubitsFlorian Kaiser
2:00pmLecture 7: Theory of single rare earth dopants for quantum information science:  crystal field splittings, charge and spin noiseMichael FlattĂ©
3.00pmLab tours
4:10pmPractical 2: On-line demonstration of SIMPLE
5:10pmPanel Discussion